House of Wolves EP

by House of Wolves

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released November 13, 2015

Mixed & Mastered By: Francesco Artusato
Drums Engineered By: Mitchell Cairns



all rights reserved


House of Wolves Half Moon Bay, California

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Track Name: The Appetite
This journey has been filled with ache
I can't go on yet I won't walk away
Time and time again let the gore just spill
Fill the appetite slowly hope will die

Time and time again let the gore just spill
Fill the appetite slowly you will die

Feed the appetite you will not survive
Once you have a bite
Never satisfied

A void begins to grow
Consuming all of you
Faith has made you weak
Now it's time to dream for eternity
You will never wake
This has been your faith
Track Name: Parallels
Inside I corrode away
Affliction slowly draining me
Nothing felt but remorse
Dissecting these parallel

Break the silence veracity
Or chose to bury reality
Remain mute avoid all dispute
This has taken control of me

Acting out of anguish led to darkness clouding up my mind
It tears at my heart tormented from all the cries

The ache from its tight grip the blood it makes me shed
It wants to be set free
I bury it instead

No longer can I live this way
I must break its grip on me
Find egress take control

I feel my blood run cold
No egress just remorse
This has taken control
Track Name: Veracity
Time is dwindling
For all dreams and realities
The path has lead away

Fittingly laced in honored shame
Behind the depth of the sky and pain
Falling into perspective cliché

Truth is what you’ll find, you cannot deny
The slight of hand easily tricks the eye
What you see may surprise
That none of this was ever right

I can’t get by
Or be left behind
The present is my reflection of the mind

Will this all end where it lays
Is this the beginning of tragedy
Allow a final breath to take it away
Gasping breaks the cold
Clinching fists let go
Teeth grind as time comes to a hold
All that never left changes the soul.

Leave it alone
We must follow it below
Let it take hold
This dark tranquility
Collapsing until it all just stops
Is this all that takes to change the soul
Track Name: Take Control
Rise up and take control
It's your turn to make a move
Be wise for it could be
The fate of your reality

Coming close now to the end
Lift your sword and swing again
Move forward no turning back
Prepare for the last attack

Destruction for all who cross its path
The time has come at last
To face your fears and stand for truth
No more will we bow to you

Darkness and chaos
To all who walk this path
Agony seems endless
With no chance of hope

Fear has take a hold of you
Blinding your perception of life
Blood runs down your sword
As you continue to fight
Track Name: Animosity
Dreams of terror and death no escaping this
a world created all on my own
hallucinations become reality delusional sense of life

Dreadful thoughts begin to cloud my mind
Enraged I can't control this hate
Shadows commence to devour my psyche
I can't hide I can't escape

I can't get a grasp of this rage
Animosity is driving me insane
Drawing close now impending ruination
Carve in deep and feel the vibrations

Obscurity keeps it alive
This desire imprinted on my own
Confined to the walls of my mind
The downfall of my being underneath it lies